HSF Hacklab Summit Finland

Yearly summit of all the hacklabs in Finland

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Welcome to Hacklab Summit Finland, the annual gathering where makers, hackers, and innovators from across the country come together to share their passions, projects, and pioneering ideas. Every year, this event promises a dynamic exchange of knowledge, creativity, and collaboration, celebrating the vibrant spirit of our diverse hacklabs community. Whether you’re an experienced creator or a curious newcomer, join us for workshops, demos, and networking opportunities designed to inspire and connect. Let’s ignite our collective potential and drive forward the frontier of innovation together!

Year 2024

Tampere 18.5.2024 More details

Previous years…

Year 2023

Did not happen.

Year 2022

HSF will be in Tampere 28.-30.10.2022

Join us on a great weekend full of interesting topics and lots of great people!

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in Tampere


in Jyväskylä

what happened


in Tampere


in Tampere